Hossein Saadi

Founder, Lead Pastor

Pastor Hossein Saadi is the pastor of Persian Christian Fellowship church in Dallas, Texas. After studying different religions and schools of theology, he confronted with the true God and experienced personally his presence in his life. Now his hope is to share this truth, love, joy, and heavenly peace with others. He started to serve in home churches back in Iran in 2006, and was anointed for being a pastor in 2009. The fruit and result of his service from that time, is the foundation and establishment of different home churches in several cities in Iran. He also continued serving as a pastor among the Persians, while living in Turkey; which resulted in establishing other Iranian churches in different cities in Turkey, such as Adana, and Mersin. He is married and his marriage is blessed with two daughters. He strongly believes that Lord uses him to work on Muslims community in Dallas through his miraculous and amazing ways.

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