Who We Are

About Us

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We are a non-denominational, protestant and evangelical church, committed to follow Jesus Christ’s practice through holy spirit’s strength in our lives. We value the power of holy bible, supporting and serving each other especially through small home groups. We try to teach a new generation of trustworthy servants and followers for Jesus Christ. Our effort and prayer is to be the messengers of our Lord’s grace in homes, society and our world.

Our Mission

At Persian Christian Fellowship we believe that Jesus gave marching orders for every church in every place and time when He gave the Great Commission to His disciples in Matthew 28:19-20.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead Persians to receive salvation, healing, freedom and live a victorious life to fulfill.Redemption: At Persian Christian Fellowship we believe that a church that is faithful to the great commission will have a redemptive presence in their city.

Core Values

Gospel Centered: We believe that the gospel is the central message of all the Scriptures therefore it is the most important message we could teach, preach, Proclaim, articulate, and defend.